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  Vertical Glandless Pump
Capacity : Up to 100 m3/hr
Head : Up to 50 Mts
Moc : Polypropylene, UHMW-PE
  • Scrubbers
  • Filter press
  • Ejector systems
  • Effluent transfer
  • Phosphoric acid plants
  • Gas washing plants
  • Caustic soda plant
Principle Of Glandless Pump
The VERTICAL GLANDLESS PUMP in normal hydraulic terms does not differ from any conventional centrifugal pump. The pump is designed in such a way that the liquid which normally try to pass through the point, where the impeller drive shaft enters the back plate (stuffing box) is diverted and returned as a controlled flow to the suction tank. The need for any seal is eliminated by allowing the leakage liquid to escape through the Overflow connection of the Overflow Chamber.
The liquid entering suction flow around the impeller casing and leaves through the delivery under pressure. Between the annular gap of upper rotor casing and impeller some leakage liquid escapes to the Overflow Chamber.
The auxiliary impeller (expeller) prevents the leakage liquid going further up and canalizes it through out – Irt in the Chamber.
  • No shaft sealing arrangement so no maintenance.
  • Pump can run dry,
  • Effectively handles slurry / sludge.
  • The pump suffers no ill effect if the pump discharge valve is partially or fully closed.
Range of Products
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  Vertical Glandless Pumps
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